varios caballos de los españoles habían sido heridos de muerte por las puntas de las lanzas de obsidiana de las mujeres

August 8th, 2010

several horses of the Spanish had been mortally wounded by the obsidian tips of the spears of the women;
others of them reared in fear and bolted as their masters had become locked in mortal combat; the men who
were wounded so badly they could not stand they did not so much as look at them or listen to their groanings

men who were alive they assembled with the points of the lances Itzpapalotl had instructed them to improvise
when they were in the rocks above, watching how the battle would end. Now she is standing there among the
prisoners and they are a sorry lot now, nobody would ever take them for Conquistadores; they all need a shave

Her cousin Chalchihuihtotolin is looking at the sorry men who had lost the battle,
had lost their whole New World empire….
her look does not have a trace of pity or of anything;
the turquoise ornament she wore in her hair seemed to speak for her.

Tlazolteotl looked on the prisoners her dark skin glistening “Sister” she said to Itpapalotl

“do you remember the dream i told you when we were children? remember
the dream i told you the day we were by the lake, we saw the geese then?”

The men are looking back at them
they are surrounded by about thirty women with lances
there is no way these guys are ever going to get out of there alive
because the women have taken their swords and daggers
and now they are armed with them
they are holding the steel weapons in their own hands

Mayahuel was looking at the Spaniard men from close range
she smiles in a way that you could not be sure she was smiling.
no she did not seem to be smiling at all she might be thinking
of her husband and her brothers who had all died in the battle.

Chalchihuitlicue, just a girl before this terrible fight ocurred
seemed to be overjoyed inside ringing wildly with the triumph
her aspect is purely stolid as if this is all completely normal
she looks grown up for the first time black hair shocking her.

The Spanish prisoners were the skinny lieutenant and the adolescent
who were the last ones standing before the indians and the españoles
killed each other in a close-range see-saw death struggle. Then there
was a man they found scared shitless hiding beneath some corpses.
there were seven wounded men several of whom looked pretty bad,
but some of the men were only wounded by deep cuts on their arms.

varios caballos de los españoles había sido herido de muerte por las puntas de las lanzas de obsidiana de las mujeres, otros de ellos criados en el miedo y salió corriendo como sus amos se había convertido en enzarzados en un combate mortal, los hombres que resultaron heridos tan mal que no podía soportar que no tanto como miran o escuchar sus gemidoshombres que estaban vivos se reunieron con las puntas de las lanzas Itzpapalotl había dado instrucciones a improvisar cuando se encontraban en las rocas, viendo cómo la batalla iba a terminar. Ahora ella está de pie entre los presos y son una triste suerte ahora, nadie les tomaría por los conquistadores, sino que todos necesitamos un afeitado Su primo Chalchihuihtotolin está mirando a los hombres sentimos que había perdido la batalla, había perdido todo su nuevo imperio mundial …. su mirada no tiene un rastro de piedad o de cualquier cosa, el adorno de turquesa que llevaba en el pelo parecía hablar por ella.Tlazolteotl miró a los prisioneros de su piel oscura resplandeciente “Sister”, dijo a Itpapalotl

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Autenticas Reproducciones en Joyería de
los símbolos del Calendario Azteca.

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